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Top Truck Recap for 2021

The Trucks

We previously reviewed the Top 3 Coolest Cars sold by GSA in 2021, and now we will review the Top 3 Trucks sold at GSA Auctions in 2021. Unlike the Coolest Cars, these three trucks did not have as much in common. Can you guess which one was "not fully operational" without reading the descriptions?!

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     This truck was practically brand new with only 3,522 miles on it. This truck was seized and sold by the GSA for the US Internal Revenue Service in Tampa in February 2021. This Tacoma 4x4 Sport Double Cab had 13 unique bidders fighting over it and sold with a final price of $37,542.


     Now this truck is a personal favorite! Although not quite as new as the Tacoma, this 2015 only has 25,420 miles. It came with the windows already tinted and a sleek front grill. There were 11 bidders competing for this truck and a final price of $42,708.

3. 2013 FORD F150 RAPTOR

     We've included this 2013 Ford F-150 Raptor because the body looks to be in great shape. But if you read the fine print in the description, it says the truck is not "fully operational" and the vehicle begins to over heat within 5 minutes. Regardless, 9 unique bidders submitted over 27 bids while competing for a chance to own this truck! The winner paid $33,010 and picked up this truck in Sanibel, FL.

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