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[PREMIUM] Categories Without Bids Analysis

     You may be surprised to learn that not all GSA online auctions close with a winner. Sometimes, there is no interest (bids) on an item and the auction closes unsold. (What happens to items that don't receive any bids?) We designed our search functionality and API to make it easy to find open auctions with zero bids. (We also have watchlists for members marking items with zero items and ending soon!) And if you are a bargain hunter, these items can often be won with minimum effort and investment.

Auctions Without Any Bids By Category

     As you can tell from the graphic, the furniture category dominates in terms of absolute number of auctions without bids. We speculate that this could be due to a variety of factors, including geography of items, bulk of item / transport issues, and an overall lack of immediate demand. Some of the same issues with taking possession of furniture could also apply to Medical, Dental and Veterinary Equipment. However, it is surprising that computer equipment is the 2nd highest category without bids. Are these items unwanted due to dated technology concerns? Is there hesitation around the condition of item or whether the item is actually functional?

Top Categories Without Bids
    1. Furniture
    2. Computer Equipment and Accessories
    3. Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment

Analysis of Categories in Percentage Terms

     The following table aligns each category with the percentage of time that an auction closes without a buyer. Furniture still ranks as the top category with approximately 40% of auctions closing without any bids! Computer equipment also ranks quite high in percentage terms (~25%). Other categories to keep an eye for deals: Office Equipment and Supplies and Photographic equipment.

      Conversely, we can also infer that several categories are quite competitive and likely have many people watching. Noteably, boats, cars/vehicles (including salvage vehicles!), motorcycles, trucks, and hand tools or shop equipment all close with at least one bidder more than 95% of the time!

Category Total Auctions % Closed Without Bids
Agricultural Equipment and Supplies 670 6%
Aircraft and Aircraft Parts 847 11%
Artifacts, Jewelry, and Exotic Collectibles 964 11%
Boats and Marine Equipment 1,306 5%
Cars, SUVs, Vans, Buses and Ambulances 5,157 2%
Communication Equipment 2,062 24%
Computer Equipment and Accessories 7,824 25%
Construction Equipment 1,952 8%
Electronic Equipment and Components 2,693 13%
Fire Trucks and Fire Fighting Equipment 319 10%
Furniture 11,423 39%
GSA Fleet Trucks 3,620 6%
GSA Fleet Vehicles 2,226 13%
Hand Tools and Shop Equipment 2,658 4%
Household/Personal 2,708 12%
Industrial Machinery 3,332 13%
Industrial Real Estate 4 25%
Lab Equipment 2,394 15%
Land 41 5%
Medical, Dental, and Veterinary Equipment 8,500 18%
Miscellaneous 12,146 10%
Motorcycles & Bicycles 852 3%
NASA 11 27%
Office Equipment and Supplies 2,123 31%
Other - Real Estate 5 20%
Photographic Equipment 1,112 23%
Salvage/Scrap Vehicles 1,017 5%
Trailers, Tractors and Manufactured Housing 6,815 2%
Trucks, Truck Tractors, and Ground Effect Vehicles 10,011 1%