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GSA Auction Geographical Recap for 2021

     There were approximately 37,000+ unique and individual online auctions conducted by the GSA Online in 2021! These auctions spanned across all 51 categories and were staggered throughout the year. As you can see from the graphical map replay, there are auctions local to almost every part of the country!

Once the time lapse in the below graphic is complete, you can manually drag the slider to view auctions that occurred over specific timeframes. Selecting and Clicking on any circle will launch the auction's Item Card. This animation covers each unique auction for an end date in a specific City / State (more technically latitude and longitude) combination. This means that there were likely multiple items auctioned in the same city, but the city will only appear on the map once. Out of the total of 37k+ total auctions, only the unique city state combinations are shown, which is almost ten thousand locations across the USA. Auctions that took place in the Pacific, Puerto Rico, Guam, and other US controlled territories that do not appear in the map were excluded from this graphic.

Geographical Location 2021 Recap

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