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Our Mission

Delivering state of the art data services and insights for GSA Auctions, both live and historical.

         We designed our data infrastructure to capture a new level of granularity to support real world use cases for both businesses and individual users. We believe that by aggregating historical data in one place, auction participants gain transparency into the pricing of bespoke items. We are excited to make available historical and timeseries data that doesn't exist elsewhere!

Below is the list of counts by category for which we have auction records.

AuctionWiser FAQ

  • AuctionWiser was formed in mid-2021 and has been growing daily since!

  • No. AuctionWiser is a private entity who analyzes and provides insights for GSA auctions.

  • AuctionWiser is not an online marketplace or auction house. Our mission is more more aligned with providing transparency and quality analytics for users to make informed decisions in the GSA online marketplace.

  • Please do not hesitate to fill out our contact form to get in touch with us.

  • Our Search Platform provides the ability to search any open auction and its item card, regardless of sign-in status. However, historical search is reserved for our members.